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Welcome aboard! Thank you for trusting me to be your running coach -- a role I take very seriously. As a former physiotherapist, my number one priority for you is injury prevention, followed closely by helping you run faster and enjoy the entire experience of training and racing. These resources will lay the groundwork for everything we'll do together, so take your time to soak them all in. Hit me up anytime with questions at carolyn.c.coffin@gmail.com.

Overview of My Training Philosophy

Theย Non-Negotiables

There are two things I insist all my athletes get in the habit of doing in order to prevent injuries.

  1. Lunge Matrix (LM) and Leg Swings (LS) before every. single. run. Start with 3 on each leg and work your way up to 5 on each leg over a few weeks.
  2. Strength and Mobility (SAM) after every. single. run. Do SAM easy after your easy, tired legs/recovery, cross training, and brisk walk days. Do SAM hard after your tough workouts and long runs.

If you're short on time, it's the run that gets cut short, not these important injury-prevention exercises. Got it? Good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lunge Matrix

Leg Swings

SAM Phase 1 Easy

SAM Phase 1 Hard

SAM Phase 2 Easy

SAM Phase 2 Hard

SAM Phase 3 Easy

SAM Phase 3 Hard

SAM Phase 4 Easy

SAM Phase 4 Hard

There is no Phase 5 Easy!

  • SAM Exercises
    SAM Exercises

    This PDF contains all the SAM exercises (Phases 1-5, easy and hard) in one place! No more stopping and starting the videos...YEAH!! ๐Ÿ™Œ

SAM Phase 5 Hard

Some of Coach Carolyn's attempts at video production

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